There is no ONE right way to wash cloth diapers.

There are too many variables in everyone’s routine that are different. For a wash routine to work identically for two people, the variables would have to be identical: same make and model washing machine, same water temperature, same detergent and amount etc.

The Basics

  1. Dump Solids material into toilet. Put diaper in (dry) pail until wash time.

  2. Rinse Diapers in warm water. Avoid over loading your washing machine with diapers.

  3. Wash diapers with detergent in hot water.

  4. Rinse diapers in warm water. Rinse a second time in warm water (if needed)

  5. Thoroughly dry diapers in the sun or in your dryer (use the lowest temperature that successfully dries your diapers)

More Washing Tips

Wash between 12- 18 diapers per load. This is usually 1-2 days worth of diapers. This is usually 1-2 days worth of diapers. Washers, especially front loaders use the the friction and ‘fall’ of other clothing to aid in the mechanical action of washing. If your washer load is too small, you may need to add a towel. Conversely, you also do not want to have your washer so full that the diapers are not being agitated.

If using a pail liner to store diapers,turn the pail liner inside out when dumping the diapers in the washer to avoid touching diapers. Toss it in with the diapers. If you are not using a pail liner, be sure to clean your diaper receptacle often to avoid mold issues.

If your washer does not have a rinse function, run a quick wash with little or no detergent. The idea is to remove as much urine before your wash cycle.

Run a HOT wash on the highest water level, with Cloth diaper safe detergent and no more than the recommended amount. It is important to use a detergent that rinses out completely, and is free of softeners, brighteners, additives, fragrances, enzymes, and phosphates.

Do NOT use bleach or fabric softener.

An extra rinse is recommended, but not always necessary. Smell the diapers. If they smell like nothing, they are clean!

Dry diapers on medium heat, or hang to dry. Do not use softener sheets! Stained diapers can be whitened and disinfected by hanging in direct sunlight. Pocket diapers and covers dry very quickly. Hang them to dry to preserve the life of the elastic, keeping them looking new and last longer!

Stuff inserts into pockets before putting them away and they’ll be ready for use at change time!

Consider using wool dryer balls in your dryer to naturally soften your laundry and decrease drying time.