One-Size (OS)

One-size diapers are diapers designed to cover a large size range. Many brands fit from 8-35 lbs. Many One Size diapers can accommodate a large size range by having an snappable, adjustable rise at the front of the diaper, making the diaper smaller or larger.

Prepping New One-Size Diaper

Preparing your new diaper will vary depending on the brand and materials.  If it contains natural fibres such as hemp, bamboo and/or cotton, it will require more washes to remove natural oils and become absorbent. Most diapers which require prep washes will be ready to use after a couple of washes, but keep in mind it will most like increase in absorbency with more washes.  Polyester, Fleece and Microfibre material may only require one wash to prep. Follow manufacturers instructions on how to prepare your new One-size Diaper

To maintain product warranty always follow manufacturers instructions.

Ease of Use

One-size Diapers can cost more then a sized diaper, but you only have to purchase a set of diapers once to fit baby until potty training.  Convenient if you are diapering 2 children who are different sizes.  The downside, one-size diapers can be very bulky when your baby is very small. Also  your one-size diaper will see more wear and tear, as it is used for a longer period of time.