Welcome to Cloth101.  Our goal is to  share with you basic information about using, caring for and enjoying cloth diapers!

Cloth diapers have come a long way in a very short time. Ten years ago, the standard method for cloth diapering involved using flats. These are considered to be the original cloth diapers, and were basically large rectangular or square pieces of fabric made from layers of gauze. Safety pins were used to keep them in place, and covers kept any leakage contained. In a very short time, some great companies with great products have come about to give us all kinds of alternatives to flats, with the sole intention being to provide easy to use, easy to maintain diapers for your little one, with gentle fabrics and aesthetically beautiful fabrics and designs. Other industries have popped up out of this as well, as diaper sprayers are now a must have, modern fasteners  remove the worry and danger of safety pins and a myriad of materials such as hemp, fleece and organic cotton are all used to manufacture leak resistant and wick-friendly liners and inserts.