A flat is a traditional diaper, it is a simple rectangular piece of fabric which is folded and held together with a fastener and/or cover.  A flat diaper needs to be folded to achieve the best absorbency.

Preparing Your New Flats

  • Wash at least 3 times before use
  • Separate from synthetic materials in cloth diapers, such as polyester and fleece
  • Ideally, fully dry between washes (hang dry or dryer)
  • Expect flats to shrink 10%
  • Use a detergent free off fabric softener

Unbleached cotton, hemp and bamboo contain natural oils that must be removed. We suggest at least 3 washes before using new flat diapers. Your flats will achieve maximum absorbency after around 10 washes.  You can prep by washing flats with your regular laundry, as long as you use a detergent free of fabric softener.

Prep your flats separately from your pocket diapers or all-in-ones.  The natural oils you remove during the prep can effect the absorbency of  polyester and fleece of your diaper.

To maintain product warranty always follow manufacturers instructions.