Fitted Diapers

A fitted diaper is a tailored diaper which does not require any folding and usually has fasteners such as snaps or velcro attached. They are available in a variety of fabrics- cotton, hemp and bamboo- and in different size options. They are not waterproof, so will require a cover.  No folding required!  Useful as a nighttime solution or for those wanting to go coverless to treat diaper rash.

Preparing New Fitted Diapers

  • Wash at least 3 times before use
  • Separate from synthetic materials in cloth diapers, such as polyester and fleece
  • Ideally, fully dry between washes (hang dry or tumble dry)
  • Expect diaper to shrink 10%
  • Use a detergent free of fabric softener

Unbleached cotton, hemp and bamboo contain natural oils that must be removed. We suggest at least 3 washes before using new fitted. Your diapers will achieve maximum absorbency after around 10 washes.  You can prep by washing your fitted diapers with your regular laundry, as long as you use a detergent free of fabric softener.

Prep your diapers separately from your pocket diapers or all-in-ones.  The natural oils you remove during the prep can effect the absorbency of  polyester and fleece of your pocket diapers/AIO diapers.

To maintain product warranty always follow manufacturers instructions.

Snaps or Velcro

Fitted Diapers come in either snap or velcro (hook & loop) closures.  Everyone has their preference.

Here are some points to consider when choosing between Snap or Velcro:


  • Reliable and durable, snaps provide easy secure diaper closure.
  • Sizing is limited to the amount of snaps provided
  • Trying to line up snaps in the dark becomes an art form


  • Generous accurate sizing.  Diaper closure can be pulled and fastened for a perfect fit
  • Requires more care.  Velcro can fail over time. Sooner if not maintained properly
  • Great for night time changing in the dark. Easier then lining up snaps.