Covers, sometimes called Shells, are the waterproof outermost layer of a diaper to prevent leaks. Covers can be made of wool, fleece or PUL (poly urethane laminate). Different brands have various features such as different sizing options, gussets and enclosures with snaps or Velcro.

Preparing Covers

Covers don’t require any prepping.

Using Covers

  • Paired with a prefold or flat
  • Can be used more then once before washing
  • Different options to choose from (sizing and closure type)

Covers or Shells have no absorbency on there own.  They are paired with a prefold or flat. It’s job is to contain moisture and solids within the diaper. PUL covers can be used multiple times before washing.  They can be wiped clean and reused.

Snaps or Velcro

PUL covers come in either snap or velcro (hook & loop) closures.  Everyone has their preference.

Here are some points to consider when choosing between Snap or Velcro:


  • Reliable and durable, snaps provide easy secure diaper closure.
  • Sizing is limited to the amount of snaps provided
  • Trying to line up snaps in the dark becomes an art form


  • Generous accurate sizing.  Diaper closure can be pulled and fastened for a perfect fit
  • Requires more care.  Velcro can fail over time. Sooner if not maintained properly
  • Great of  night time changing in the dark. Easier then lining up snaps.