Cloth Diaper Care

Preparing new diapers for use

Natural fibres

Unbleached cotton, hemp and bamboo contain natural oils that must be removed before your diapers become effectively absorbent. We suggest at least 3 washes before using new flat diapers. Your flats will achieve maximum absorbency after around 10 washes.  You can prep by washing flats with your regular laundry, as long as you use a detergent free of fabric softener.

Prep your flats separately from your pocket diapers or all-in-ones.  The natural oils you remove during the prep can transfer to the polyester and fleece of your diaper and compromise it’s absorbency.

To maintain product warranty always follow manufacturers instructions.

Covers and Pockets

Wash covers and pockets in hot water with a small amount of zero-residue detergent before first use.

Tumble dry on medium or hang to dry

To maintain product warranty always follow manufacturers instructions.

For exclusively breastfed (EBF) newborns – there’s no need to rinse! “Solids” are water soluble and will wash away in the machine. For solids from older babies, remove the solids by spraying or shaking into the toilet. A diaper sprayer or  liners are handy for preventing stains.

Storage (2-3 days)

There’s no need to soak diapers in a bucket of water! Just rinse off solids and toss into the pail. Remember to secure Velcro to the laundry tabs to prevent sticking in the laundry.

Store soiled and wet diapers, and cloth wipes in a diaper pail lined with a reusable pail liner. Cover with a loose fitting lid. We find that a lined stainless steel garbage can works best!

Smells are decreased if air can circulate through the pail. Tea Tree oil, Pail pal deodorizer disks or pail freshener powder also decrease odors